Isabella & Big Papa - The Burger Masters


Big Papa teamed up with Isabella at Lea Farms in an event sponsored by the Florida Center for Early Childhood and easily won the Best Tasting Burger Competition. The contest, in Venice Florida, revolves around helping handicapped kids. This event raised over $100,000. 

Feeding the Kids at New Beginnings



For the sixth year in a row, Big Papa's Country Kitchen fed the kids at the New Beginnings schools. This is a special military school for troublesome kids . They really look forward Big Papa's food. The Lieutenant told Dana and Janet that they are on their best behavior prior to Country Kitchen's arrival knowing if they get in trouble they don't get to participate.

The Country Kitchen fed 55 at the Immokalee location and 75 in Naples. The kids had barbecue chicken, barbecue spaghetti, green beans, corn casserole and rolls.

Smokin' Through The Hurricane


 Hurricane Irma hit the west coast of Florida hard. Everyone was affected, but the Country Kitchen was ready for the challenge. Janet (Maww) Hills went around to their neighborhood and told all the neighbors that Big Papa would be cooking until they got power back on each night around 5pm. The Country Kitchen fed about 60-75 people every night for 8 days. According to Janet, "It was nice to meet a few new neighbors and visit with neighbors. We live in a great neighborhood. Everyone pitched in and helped other neighbors with yard debris, etc."

Dana and Janet were the runners of food for Operation BBQ Relief. They cooked and fed over 20,000 people a day while they were in Big Papa's neighborhood. For those unfamiliar with them, they work on donated funds. 100% of donated money goes into feeding the people in need.

Hogging the Spotlight with the Mets


 Big Papa & crew catered a massive barbecue for around 300 guests, including all the players and their families of the New York Mets. Yoenis Cespedes, nicknamed La Potencia, is a Cuban-born outfielder for the Mets. The Country Kitchen has catered a number of parties for him, but this is the biggest annual event. This year Dana smoked two whole hogs. Looking forward to the New York Mets having a great season and another gigantic barbecue next year. 

Golden Gate Wresting Team

Every Thanksgiving Big Papa's Country Kitchen donates and cooks turkeys for the Golden Gate Wrestling team. This is an even the wrestlers look forward to all year! 

The Naples Wine Festival


 The stars rolled out for the Naples Wine Festival and The Country Kitchen was there to help them pair the correct barbecue with their choice of red or white. Big Papa and his gang (in the photo) fed over 500 people including Judge Judy and former Chicago Bears head coach - Mike Ditka.

The auction raised over 13 million dollars. Proceeds from the Festival benefit the Naples Children & Education Foundation, whose vision is to make a profound and sustaining difference in the quality of children's lives. 

Barbecue Back Home


 Dana and Janet fed the folks at the McMinnville, Tennessee Courthouse. McMinnville is Big Papa's family town. Over 200 people came out to enjoy some world-class barbecue and the Country Kitchen received a plaque thanking them ! Dana, Janet and cousin Kendall Mayfield are in picture. 

Smoke On The Mountain


 Cooking with sponsors Bubba Grills in Galex, Virginia, Big Papa and the Bubbas placed 4th in the Whole Hog Category, 2nd in Pork, and 1st Place with a perfect score in Brisket Tacos. The contest was an MBN event with 31 teams and the hog they cooked for the contest was 171 pounds. 

Brooks and Freund and Barbecue


 Brooks and Freund, one of Florida's premier construction companies, got a taste of barbecue heaven when Big Papa's Country Kitchen fed 150 of their staff recently. The party, held on a farm in LaBelle, has become an annual event for the hardworking team to kick back and enjoy some of the best food in the country. 

Big Papa's Sweet Side


 The Country Kitchen once again traveled north to McMinnville, TN for the annual "Smokin' in McMinnville" KCBS barbecue contest. While the team missed the mark in most of the sanctioned categories, they rose to the top when it came to dessert - 1st Place with a perfect 180 score. The dessert was a Holy Cow Cake made by Dana's cousin, Amanda Mayfield. 

Q'ing for the Mets


 When baseball historians look back on the 2017 Season, they'll probably be talking about how barbecue help the Mets win a pennant. The Country Kitchen fed the team on centerfielder Yeonis Cespedis' farm . A dozen appetizers, piles of ribs, briskets, chicken, and 120 hamburgers and steaks. Before the party Yeonis had one of his cows butchered by a butcher shop to feed 160 people. This was the 4th time Big Papa catered for him and there's now talk of Dana trying out for the team next year! 

Catering for a Crowd


 The Country Kitchen put out a feast for Brooks & Freud Construction. The more than 180 people hit the chow line for a low country boil, Big Papa's championship brisket and chicken, and dozens of trays filled with appetizers and side dishes. No one left hungry.