Big Papa's Battle At Barbecue Junction
Friday & Saturday, November 18-19, 2016

Big Papa's Battle At Barbecue Junction is like the tv show "Chopped". There are 4 teams. 2 teams cook at 3pm on Friday and 2 teams cook at 6pm. The winners of the Friday battle cook on Saturday at 3pm for the championship. Dana started this about 4 years ago.

The Teams get a box of mystery food that has to be part of their final product. There's a pantry set up with ingredients and Big Papa supplies the smokers. This weekend they brought Big Green Eggs, Meadow Creek cookers, Dutch ovens, and Weber kettles. All of the food has to be cooked in one hour: appetizer, main course including side dishes, and dessert. The contest is run every year at the Smokin' Flamingo contest in Jacksonville. The park pays for the groceries and gives the banner and the $300 prize.

This year's Battle had Belly up, Sweet Smoke Q, Smokies, and Uncle Bucks cooking pork loin, venison back strap, gator, and shrimp as the main ingredients. Uncle Bucks BBQ Team was the winner.

The battle is underway.

Finishing up for the judges.

Judges in action.

Lots of good food!

The crowd gathers.

And the winner is Uncle Bucks BBQ Team